Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Starting Anew

As I celebrate my 10th year here in Italy, I've decided to re-construct my blog into something better. Call it starting from scratch or a new beginning. I was getting a little bored on the content and how it looked. So I dug deep into the theme options of blogger, and found something that would add some spice, and a little make-over. I also deleted all of the past entries, since the topic would be starting anew. For me, I think it is important to kick-start a new beginning from time to time. 
Even Michael Jordan had to re-do himself after venturing off to the wilderness of baseball. He came back a much better person, and a nastier basketball player. It is also a chance to get back at something I was passionate about from the start, and that was writing. Writing had taken a backseat from my other activities which includes; being a network marketer, computer technician/instructor, caregiver, traveller, part-time photographer and    poker player. 
All of these activities were meant for me not to get bored easily, and a chance to find out where I'm good at. It also gave me an idea of topics to write about. I did that when I had this blog at the start, but it was riddled with mistakes and it was really just a mess. Now I can start writing my adventures again from being in the world of pasta and pizza, to venturing off into unknown places, and doing some of things I'm passionate about.

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