Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The 2nd Smallest Country in the World

Our very first time to join a tour would definitely pave the way for more to come. Monaco dubbed as the "second smallest country in the world," is a haven for people who want to relax as well as gamble. It was also the premier location were Ian Fleming's Casino Royale was shot. The whole trip would have been perfect if not for the weather, which was drizzling, surprisingly, on a cool December morn. The whole place was so clean that you can't even see fallen leaves. 
While the city would leave you in awe, the cars would equally grab your attention. Ferraris, Range Rovers and Aston Martins roam the small roads on an ordinary day. A quick research
concluded that before, Monaco did not imposed taxes on its residents, hence, it would make sense to buy properties in Monaco and make it your second home. Since much of Monaco was situated in the territory of France, it relinquished majority of its acres to the french people, resulting in imposition of taxes for foreigners. 
The country's main source of income is thru casino and gambling, hence the birth of Montecarlo, a region of Monaco, where majority of casino and gambling sites stood. For everyday visitors, you are welcome to enter a particular casino, but citizens of Monaco are prohibited. The only advantage of being a Monegasques, (a citizen of Monaco), is exemption from taxes. For Formula 1 afficionados, Formula One Monaco Gran Prix is held each year. Fast races passing by the Circuit of Monaco which started way back 1929. 
It was indeed a glamorous city where the rich and famous, would stop once in a while to enjoy the view. After passing by Monaco, we went to Nice (pronounced neece), France to enjoy a sumptous dinner hosted by Kentucky Fried Chicken. Also passed by this beautiful Russian Cathedral also in Nice.

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