Friday, August 01, 2014

The Simple Investment

The third article was harder than what I've expected. Since time shrunk out as the years passed by, writing has taken a backseat. Anyway, got the nerve to push that finger on the digital keyboard and tackle something important. Did you ever heard of the clich'e, "be an OFW, save some money, go back to the Philippines and start a business." It has been said a million times before, but the results have been the same. More OFW's have been slave laborers until even after 60 years old. They come back to the Philippines with nothing to support their remaining years. 
Since I have been accustomed to ride against the waves and not go with the tide, I made it a point to start a simple investment. It would require a miniscule capital, but it has the potential to be huge in terms of financial gain. That investment is network marketing. Apart from the majority of eyebrows raised, this endeavor gave me a chance to imrpove various facets lacking on my personality. The ability to talk to people with ease, to be business-minded on a specific level, and to prepare myself for the financial future. The whole point of this subject is not whether network marketing is a scam or not, but to be able to jump and try an opportunity, (with careful analyzation regarding legitimacy, documents etc.), that comes your way. 
Since the above-investment utilizes leverage, ( The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one's efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources), it was a perfect way to jump in the entrepreneural band-wagon. The problem with a typical OFW is usually not the capital, but an idea for a business venture. What business to put that capital to good use. Since network marketing is an "idea made," the only thing to do is dole out the cash for capital. Not all people are made for network marketing, but for the few who have a bigger picture in mind and who would want to have time and financial freedom; then this is the business venture fit for you. 2 things to consider when you jump in on a specific network marketing company. First, you have to endorse a product that you have tried and personally believed in. Second, value for your money or the capital you put in. Most people or OFW for that matter, get stuck in their situation because they are either too afraid to try, or they are fickle-minded enough to part ways with their hard earned cash.

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