Monday, August 18, 2014

Generosity & Blessings

I was planning to write a subject about photography, but a wind of wanting to say "thanks," intervened. The year 2014 has been a "banner," year for us, so to speak, and has brought abundance in every shape or form. This year brought us to new places for months in consecutive fashion. We finally met friends for life. Financially speaking, material things overflowed on our coffers. There is great happiness when you are free from worries, but what we realized is that, there is more joy when you reached out and be generous once you are in that specific situation. By generosity, we do not equate it solely on sharing material things, but by sharing your time, talent and even a shoulder to cry on. 
Generosity opens up a whole new world of opportunities and friendships. It reveals your inner self and your potentials as an individual. When I was offered the job of teaching the Filipino community about the basics of computers, I was hesitant because of my zero knowledge in teaching. But when I realized that it can help me improve in public speaking, gain new friends  and improve my love of computers, I obliged. I realized that without the generosity of sharing what I knew, I would simply be limiting my personal growth and impede a multitude of blessings to flow. Being generous is also intertwined with sacrifice. Teaching would meant getting up early on a sunday morning for almost 3 months. 
But after everything it was all worth it. I came to know people on a personal level, not just because of gossips and hearsays. We broaden our world with generosity. Money would come everytime we need it, sometimes even more. Being generous and serving people are also connected in some level. It can lead you to prosper in a specific business. The more people you serve the more wealthy you become. The next time you are faced with the opportunity of service to others and being generous in the process, do not hesitate. For here lies the greatest blessing you will ever receive in your life.

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