Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Never-Ending Circus that is Politics, Life and Status.

If there is one thing I can't give up, (even if I'm on hibernating mood) is expressing ideas into words. For the longest time, I suddenly stopped writing and concentrated my thoughts on other things. But you just can't escape things that are ingrained in your system.This year has been fantastic, as dreams do come true--literally. Gratitude is a by-word these days and it's being repeated almost everyday. I guess when you look at yourself and be thankful for the things you have, for situations that evolved into opportunities and for the never-ending blessings, you tend to look at life in a positive way.

So what happened? Got this great opportunity learning the Italian laws on immigration for foreigners. We have this great organization that helps process and facilitate documents of foreigners living in italy. You get to be decisive and fortunate enough to use some brain cells from time to time. Plus, you get to sit in a nice chair and pounce on a keyboard for a change.

 A lot has changed since my last entry, had a chance to travel to other places of interest and add a few extensions on the cultural diversity aspect. Got a little old but wiser but still the same when it comes to being an on-line geek. Which brings me to Zuck's creation, where people and places meet. The status nowadays are about politicking, Election is around the corner and you can just imagine the volumes of posts concerning the electoral frenzy. Hated politics since I was little, that was the time when my dad used to tell stories about my uncle staying in the same detention block as Ninoy Aquino. Well, that wasn't the reason why, it must have to do with that thing as being dirty to the point of mud-slinging ones reputation. Anyway, when you open up Facebook you get to see a lot of details about a politician's life. They excavate everything; from citizenship, to the piles of anomalies, to being a womanizer and last but not the least, the UFC-like dares. I can enumerate a lot of ways just to say that this truly takes the cake on immaturity and child-hood fantasies gone wrong. But since I withheld my rights to vote, I'll zip this one out, ok but I do have one thing to say; "don't believe everything you read on Facebook." The only thing that is certain is that snap-shot of a meal you are having on a sunday night, captioned; "happy tummy." Zuck's corner has become so mainstream that the military secret word "OPSEC," has become non-existent.    

 Anyway it's a free world anything you post there is your responsibility. But this is why, from time to time, you clam yourself up like a hermit because you want to just retreat in your personal space and leave every information the way it should be; private. There will always be that something you want to share, but to share your whole world along with every knook and crany imaginable is just so way out of line. That's just my mind talking.                                                            

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