Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Beach and A Camper

Not to be an ignoramus, but this particular beach outing was extra special. It was my first time to be in a camper with a real living room, kitchen and all the stuff you see in it. What made it extra special was the location, it was an hour long train ride from Naples (thats in Italy not Florida). We got off at this station called Fondi Sperlonga and a car brought us to this beautiful beach resort named Holiday Village. This particular place had a place for campers and it has medium size pool and an immculate beach with sand and sun.

When I say immculate, comparing it to the beaches of Naples, I mean clean, no plastic wrappers, no butts of cigarettes, etc. I got to test out my GoPro Hero 4 Silver underwater and it was a blast. I think it was submerged underwater most of the time.

Apart from having a good time, we had that time off with friends whom we haven't seen a while. It was a complete escapade of sorts, no planning it was immediate and sudden. Until the next adventure, Berlin, Poland and Budapest.

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